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What to Bring

Please plan to arrive to our office 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to check-in and complete required paperwork. We ask that you provide all of the listed items below when visiting the office:

Insurance Card

All patients who will be using their insurance coverage are required to bring their current insurance card to each office visit. A copy will be made and placed into the patient’s chart. If the patient does not have their insurance card, the patient will have to cancel or be seen as a self-pay patient.

Identification Card

ID cards will be required at each office visit. A copy will be made during the first visit and placed in the chart. However, photographic identification may be requested at subsequent visits to the office.

Co-pay for insurance patients and full payment for self-pay patients

Patients who have a co-pay as part of an agreement with their insurance carrier will be required to pay prior to leaving the office for each visit. It is the patient’s responsibility to bring an approved method of payment, as listed in the payment options and policies section. The appointment will be cancelled if the patient does not bring appropriate means of payment.

Authorization and/or Referral forms (if required by your insurance)

Authorizations/referrals are an arrangement between patients and their insurance carrier. Many health insurances require a referral or preauthorization for specialty services. Dermatology is a specialty service. Authorizations/referrals are required prior to treatment. It is the patient’s responsibility to bring a copy of their authorization/referral from their primary care doctor to our office. If a patient does not bring their authorization/referral with them, then their appointment will be cancelled and the patient will have to reschedule or be seen as a self-pay patient.

A Legal Guardian (if you are not of legal age)

All minors are required to have a parent or legal guardian present with them at the time of their visit. By law, we are required to have consent from a legal guardian to provide most treatments to minors. For your convenience, you may download our Treatment to Minors Form. If a minor patient comes to the office unattended, the minor may be required to cancel or reschedule.

A list of your current medications.

Please note that if you do not bring the following items with you to your visit, we reserve the right to reschedule or cancel your existing appointment.

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