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Skin cancer is the leading form of cancer, accounting for more cancer diagnoses each year than all other types combined. It’s certainly a cause for concern, but getting comprehensive skin cancer screenings at SCN Dermatology in Englewood and Newark, New Jersey, as well as New York City's Chelsea neighborhood can help you catch suspicious spots in their early stages and start any necessary treatment as soon as possible. To book your next screening, call SCN Dermatology or use the online booking tool at your convenience.

Skin Cancer Screening And Treatment Q & A

How do skin cancer screenings work?

Skin cancer screenings are thorough examinations by your dermatologist to look for cancerous blemishes. You’ll need to be fully undressed during the screening, but you can wear a gown so you’re not fully exposed.

Your dermatologist examines your entire body for suspicious marks. It may feel awkward, but all areas must be checked. If your provider sees any spots that need further examining, they may use a magnifying glass to get a closer look. If the mole looks like skin cancer, your provider orders a biopsy to test the tissue from it.

Am I at risk of getting skin cancer?

If you exhibit certain skin cancer risk factors, you may benefit from regular skin cancer screenings. Your provider assesses you and decides how often you’ll need them.

You may be at a higher risk for skin cancer and therefore should get screenings if you:

As a precaution, you should always wear sunscreen and avoid tanning beds and other UV light sources. Taking these steps doesn’t ensure that you won’t get skin cancer, so you should still get screenings as recommended.

Should I get a skin cancer screening because of a mole?

You can schedule dermatologist-assisted skin cancer screenings if you have concerns about a specific mole or spot. Melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, has five telltale signs that are cause for concern. You can remember them using the easy abbreviation, “ABCDE”:


Unevenly-shaped moles are at a higher risk than perfectly round ones.


Moles should have defined edges: If yours are blurred, your mole may be more likely to be cancerous.


If you see multiple colors in one mole, it may be a bad sign.


Large moles, or moles with a larger diameter, are at a higher risk than smaller ones.


If you see any changes to your mole over time, especially if it itches or bleeds, you should get it checked.

Looking over your body for moles at home can help you catch unusual signs early. If you’re uncertain, you should call SCN Dermatology for a professional screening to be safe.

If your skin is especially reactive to the sun, getting skin cancer screenings can put your mind at ease. To schedule your screening, call SCN Dermatology or book an appointment online today.

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