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Q-switch Laser

Excellent treatment of deep dyschromia such as melasma and other pigmentary issues. Also can be employed to achieve optimal skin texture smoothing and "re-toning".


Intense Pulse Light

Excellent to address various problems of skin photoaging (dark spots, dilated veins, uneven skin texture) at superficial level. Also excellent in treatment of resistant rosacea.

Fractional Resurfacing

Designed to improve skin tone, reduce skin pore sizes, and uneven skin textures. Aslo is treatment of choice to improve appearance of medium to deep skin scars such as acnes, stretch marks, and surgical scars.


Photodynamic Therapy

Incubation of light sensitive molecule follow by activation using appropriated light source selectively affects targeted cellular tissue. Excellent for treatment of resistant acne. Can also be used for aging skin rejuvenation.


Uses vacuum suction followed by broadband light therapy to effectively reduce oil production and bacterial load of acne skin.

Luminus Therapy

More potent than conventional IPL, excellent for treatment of resistant pigmented and vascular lesions of face.

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