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About the Practice

SCN Dermatology is a modern, multicultural dermatology center with locations in Englewood, and Newark, New Jersey, and New York City's Chelsea neighborhood. Since 2008, the clinic has maintained an impressively high standard of care. It’s also the only multilingual dermatology practice in the tri-state area, bringing quality care to patients who speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Mandarin.

As the largest organ in your body, your skin has the important job of protecting all of your other organs from harmful bacteria, viruses, and other invaders. SCN Dermatology helps patients learn to protect their skin and keep it healthy and strong. The clinic tests and treats all stages of skin cancer, common conditions like acne, and even simple inevitable skin changes like wrinkles and lines.

In addition to offering necessary skin-preserving treatments, the SCN Dermatology team understands the importance of having skin that looks good. For these reasons, they offer several of the latest and most popular aesthetic treatments on the market, including Botox® injections and body contouring with SculpSure®. Patients can leave treatment with clear skin and confidence in their appearance.

Whether you have a specific skin concern or simply want to look your best, the board-certified dermatologists at SCN Dermatology are ready to give you the best chance at health and beauty. To get started on your personalized skin optimization plan, call your nearest SCN Dermatology clinic or book your visit online today.

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