SCN Dermatology strives to address all of our patients' cosmetic needs and concerns.  SCN emphasizes in providing a "taiolored" approach to address various cosmetic concerns of our patients.  Injectable treatment such as Botox and Filler augumentations are performed routinely.  Facial countouring and reshaping are performed.  SCN employs use of the latest laser technologies to address various cosmetic demands of our patients.  Some of more common skin conditions that are treated with laser therapy, often in combination with other treatment modalities include melasma (discoloration of skin), acne scars, hirtuitism (excessive hair), enlarged skin pores, etc.. 
Laser and Injectable Treatments
Ultrasound based laser system Ulthera. Effectively achieves lifting and tightening of eyebrow, infraorbital region, jawline, neck and other body regions without the need for surgery. 
Luminus One Therapy
Advance IPL system that employs laser technology. Effective for photodamaged skin, pigmentary irregularities, fine wrinkles, and vascular abnormalities. 
Fractional Resurfacing
Effective in achieving moderate to deep skin resurfacing. Particularly effective for moderate to deep acne scars as well as reduction of enlarged pore sizes and irregular skin tone. 
Gmax IPL
IPL device that is particularly effective in treatment of vascular conditions such as Rosacea and Telangiectasia. Also effective for treatment of various pigmentary abnormalities. 
Isolaz PPX Therapy
Revolutionary acne therapy that employs Photopneumatic technology that combines vacuum therapy with broadband light treatment to treat active acne. 
Photodynamic Therapy
Aminolevulinic acid incubation followed by a light energy treatment. Highly effective for moderate and severe inflammatory acne treatments as well as skin rejuvenation. 
Facial Contouring
Botox/Dysport/Xeomin and various “fillers” (Juverderm/ Restyline/Radiesee/Perlane/Sculptura)) are used to perform “Petit Plastic Surgery” as well as facial contouring. 
Additional treatments offered at SCN Dermatology includes Sclerotherapy Treatment of Varicose Veins, Laser Hair Removal Treatment, Striae/Keloid/Scar Laser Treatment, among many others.