SCN Medispa


SCN Clearing

Superficial to deep chemical peeling, iontophoresis, skin scaling, and electrophoresis are utilized to achieve skin clearing and brightening.

SCN Anti-Acne

Extraction and intralesional injections (physician-performed)to treat active lesions accompanied by gentle chemical peeling with or without light based therapy for treatment of either active or stable acne.

SCN Anti-Aging

Addresses loss of elasticity of skin by delivering vitamin elements, platelet-rich plasma (physician prepared and/or delivered), via ultrasonic high frequency system and microneedling therapy process (MTS) to achieve increased circulation and neo-collageness of skin.

SCN Rejuve

Aims to achieve tissue rejuvenation and optimal hydration by employing superficial and injectable hydrating elements.


Specifically addresses issues regarding male skin, including excess oil production, uneven skin tone, and loss of elasticity and volume.

SCN Bride

Provide series of scheduled treatment to achieve the most optimal skin for wedding or other important events such as prom, engagement, ect... Often accompanied with SCN Body Treatment program.

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